Top 3 tips to having a luscious lawn

Top 3 tips to having a luscious lawn

Lawn care can seem complicated, but trust me, it's not!! Here is a short summary of the basics to nail down to have a beautiful green lawn.


1. Mowing

Lots of people are surprised to learn that mowing often is one of the biggest factors in maintaining a healthy lawn! Mowing often encourages positive lateral growth for your lawn to thicken and fill in bare areas and is the best place to start. In spring and summer mowing twice a week is absolutely ideal. If you can only manage once, then it's best to cut your lawn slightly taller.

2. Watering

Without water, your lawn will fry in summer. Using an irrigation method (hose, sprinklers, automated irrigation system) that works for you, aim to water your lawn deeply once a week when there is no rainfall to encourage strong root growth. Always water first thing in the morning rather than at night to avoid promoting fungal disease issues!

3. Applying quality products on a structured schedule will absolutely elevate your lawn to the next level to ensure it gets proper nutrients to improve your soil and strengthen the root system and leaf colour of the lawn! I know a guy with some great lawn programs! Please check them out and see what you think. I think the value involved is fantastic!


All the best on your lawn care journey.


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