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The Complete Lawn Renovation Guide

The Complete Lawn Renovation Guide

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Everything you could want to know about a lawn renovation is right here in this guide!!

Renovations are a part of lawn care that on the surface may appear simple, but there are many different intricacies for different grass types, different climates, and many different types of tools/ machinery that can be used. Detailing everything from the planning and preparation, labour of the renovation, and care required after all the work is done, this guide has all bases covered. 

Other valuable inclusions to this guide are a table of costs involved in a lawn renovation, several links to helpful Reels and YouTube videos, sample recovery watering/product application schedules, step by step instructions on filling in bare patches and troubleshooting common issues you may face. 

The purchase of this lawn renovation guide also grants you access into the Lawns in Good Nick Facebook group where you can post about progress and successes as well as have your questions answered!

I am very appreciative of my friends in the industry who have provided input into this guide to help shape what it is you're receiving, something I am incredibly proud of!!

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